Early Childhood Department

Beat and rhythm form the basis upon which music is created. In this action-oriented class, students participating in Percussion Ensemble will develop their ability to respond and create expressive music. Elements of music are explored as students play alone, and work together in ensemble, deepening their current and future musicianship skills. Drumming techniques utilizing djembes, bass drum, marimba, timpani, frame drum, claves, and tambourines are experienced in this group music-making environment. Through improvising and playing, children learn about theme and variation, texture, meter, ostinati, and motifs, setting a strong rhythmic foundation for their music studies.

Tues3:30-4:15 p.m.(#41)Child Only$1,970.00
Thurs3:45-4:30 p.m.(#42)Child Only$1,970.00


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For questions regarding Early Childhood classes, please contact Dorothy Appleton at 212-369-1484, ext. 43 or email dappleton@diller-quaile.org.

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