Early Childhood Department

Literacy studies show that singing songs with young children builds vocabulary and nurtures communication skills, years before children begin to enjoy reading on their own. Music, Stories, and Pre-Literacy uses an integrated artistic approach to help develop language skills, fostering a love of storytelling and the growth of imagination. By using music in conjunction with stories, this class creates a compelling sense of wonder for young children, as they naturally express their own stories through music and dramatic play. Using published texts, folktales, and original class stories, children become familiar with story structure and are exposed to vast vocabulary. Stimulating storybooks, drawings, vocabulary cards, instruments, and various props enhance the storytelling experience. In addition to a head teacher, every class features a pianist who supports the environment and improvises accompaniments in a variety of musical styles.

Wed11:00-11:45 a.m.(#17)Adult/Child$1,995.00

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For questions regarding Early Childhood classes, please contact Dorothy Appleton at 212-369-1484, ext. 43 or email dappleton@diller-quaile.org.

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